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shad, to fry without Butter or Lard.

FIRST warm your pan, then lay in the fish (after wiping it with a cloth) with the skin downward over a moderate fire—it will give out sufficient fat to fry itself. Shad, cooked in this manner, eats much better than in the common way.

sheep, the Foot rot in, Cure for.

PARE the hoofs of the sheep thus affected, letting no hollow remain, which may collect the dirt; if matter is formed be particularly careful to let it out—After which take some stale urine and wash their feet quite clean, and wipe them with a sponge. Put then the sheep into a house or shed, the floor of which has been previously covered about two inches thick with quick lime reduced to a powder by means of a small quantity of water, the newer the lime the better. Let the sheep stand upon it six or seven hours and the cure will be effected.

soap hard.

TO make hard soap Soda should be dissolved and leached through quick lime. Six times as much olive oil or tallow are to be added as the quantity of Soda used. The lie is then to be gently boiled, and the ingredients will unite into a hard white Soap, if the carbonic acid be properly taken from the Soda. If a quantity of rosin be added it will form the common yellow bar Soap. To make the soap marbled, soapmakers add coperas, cinnabar, &c. to it before it is made into cakes.


GREEN glasses have been by occulists, as well as opticians almost invariably recommended to preserve