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Stock, rules for managing 182
Stone, cures for 140, 141
Strain, in an ox by overdrawing, cure for 141
Straw, mode of whitening Ib
Stubble, burning of 142
Swine, fatting of 143
Tanning leather 144
Tea, economy in Ib
Tea kettles, to remove lime from Ib
Teeth, to cleanse 145
——— to preserve Ib
Throat, sore 35, 183
Tincture of Peruvian bark Ib
——— of rhubarb 184
Tools, how tempered 145
Tooth ache, remedies for 146
Top dressing 147
Trees, new method of inoculating 148
Turkies, how raised Ib
Turnips, how preserved from insects 149
Varnish for boots and shoes 184
Vinegar of roses 149
Vinegar of orange flowers 150
Warts or Corns remedies for 150, 151
Weeds, how destroyed Ib
Wen, Indian mode of curing Ib
——— another remedy for 184
——— in cattle, remedy for Ib
Wheat, disorders in 152
Wheezing in horses 155
Whooping Cough 37
Windgalls, remedies for 155
Wine, white currant 156
Wood, new mode of preserving 157
Worms in agriculture Ib
——— in the human species 158, 184
——— in the head of sheep 159
Wounds, a remedy for and preventative of lock jaw Ib
Yellows in horses Ib
Yellow, patent 160
Yest, how made in Persia Ib