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B U R— B U T.

Another Remedy.

TAKE a piece of the thickest coarse brown paper, and dip it in the best salad oil. then set the paper on fire and carefully preserve all the oil that drops for use.

burnt clay

IS an absorbent and acts much like lime as a manure, but not so powerfully. The method of burning it is as follows:— Procure eight loads of clay, cut into spits about as thick as a brick; let it be pretty well dried in the sun and having made a heap of brush and other wood, coals or other combustibles, and laid one upon another, about as large as a small bonfire, in a pyramidical form, bring the spits of clay and lay them round the same two or three spits thick, leaving only room to put in the fire, and light it. The clay will soon take fire, and as it advances outwards lay on some more spits of clay, placing them in such a manner that the fire may be pent up within the heap up and not suffered to go out. After having burnt up the eight loads of clay the heat within will be so great as to fire any thing; and then you may lay on the clay green as it is dug from the pit, being always watchful to keep adding to it, but not so fast as to smother the fire. The heap you may enlarge and Spread out at the foot, keeping the fire constantly burning night and day; for the larger the heap grows the easier burns the clay. This is a cheap dressing for all sorts of land, excepting perhaps light sandy soils and being laid pretty thick about the roots of fruit trees. enlarges, multiplies and accelerates the growth of fruit.

butterhow made.

THE dairy house should be kept neat, should never front the south, southeast or southwest. It should be