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three at a time may be taken as they are wanted for use, and the breach immediately closed up with straw and earth as before.

canada thistles.

MOW Canada thistles in the old of the moon in August or any time in that month or in the beginning of September, and rake them into heaps and burn them.


THE herb Pipsissawa called winter green, ever green, winter berry, &c. drank as a strong tea, and a strong decoction applied externally has cured inveterate cancers in about a month's time. The application of leaches is said to have produced a similar result.


SPREAD a plaster of shoe maker's wax on a linen cloth, the size of the sore, with as much corrosive sublimate as will adhere to it.— Let this plaster be kept on the sore for twelve hours—a large one is necessary over the small one to keep it in its place. After this wash the sore once a day with poke root. It can afterwards be treated as a common sore.


FIRST take borax, make it a powder, and cover the wound, then take blue stone[1] and powder it, mix them together, making what is called drawing salve; the salve will be blue. Mix hog's lard, bees wax and rosin; spread the salve with lint and lay it on the wound; let it remain for three days; so continue it till the cancer is taken out, then dust in loaf sugar,

  1. Blue vitriol, or sulphate of copper.
c 2