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often called a cheese hoop, is laid across the cheese ladder over the tub, and the curd is crumbled into it with the hands and pressed into the vat to squeeze out the whey. The vat being filled as full and as firmly as the hand alone can fill it, and rounded up in the middle, a cheese cloth is spread over it and the curd is turned out of the hoop into the cloth; the vat is then washed and the inverted mass of curds, with the cloth under it, is returned into the vat and put into the press; after standing two or three hours in the press, the vat is taken out and the cloth is taken off washed and put round the cheese, and it replaced in the vat and in the press. In about seven or eight hours it is taken out of the press and salted, the cheese is placed on a board and a handful of salt is rubbed all over it and the edges are pared off if necessary; another handful of salt is strewed on the upper side, and as much left as will stick to it; afterwards it is turned into the bare vat without a cloth, and an equal quantity of salt is added to it, and the cheese is returned into the press; here it continues one night and the next morning it is turned in the vat, and continues till the succeeding morning, and the curd is taken out and placed on the dairy shelf: here they are turned ever, day or every other day, as the weather may be. If it is hot and dry, the windows and door are kept shut, but if wet or moist, the door and windows are kept open night and day.

Cleaning the Cheese.

The cheeses having remained about ten days after leaving the press, are to be washed and scraped in the following manner; a large tub of cold sweet whey is placed on the floor, the cheeses are immerged in it, where they continue one hour, or longer if necessary, to soften the rind. They are then taken out and scraped with a common case knife, with great care, so as not to injure the tender rind, till every part of the cheese is smooth; they are after the last operation rinsed in