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must be buried about 36 hours, and the skippers will be found all on the outside of the cheese, brush them off immediately and you will find your cheese sound and good.

To prevent Cheese having a rancid nauseous flavour.

PUT about one table spoonful of salt to each gallon of milk when taken from the cows in the evening, for the cheese to be made the next day; put the salt at the bottom of the vessel that is to receive the milk; it will increase the curd and prevent the milk from growing sour or putrid the hottest nights in the summer.


To cure Chillblains before they are broken

WASH them in water as hot as you can bear, and dry them with a cloth; rub them with spirits of turpentine before the fire and keep them warm.

Another Remedy.

A PLASTER of common turpentine applied to chilblains, or frosted heels, will it is said in a few days effect a cure.

chinahow mended.

TAKE apiece of flint glass, beat it to a fine powder and grind it well with the white of an egg, and it joins China without riveting, so that no art can break it again in the same place. The composition must be ground extremely fine, on a painter's stone.