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chintz, washing of.

How to wash Chintz so as to preserve its beauty.

TAKE two pounds of rice and boil it in two gallons of water till soft; when done pour the whole into a tub; let it stand till about the warmth you use for coloured linens, then put your Chintz in and use the rice instead of soap, wash it in this till the dirt appears to be out; then boil the same quantity as above, but strain the rice from the water. Wash in this till quite clean: afterwards rinse it in the water you have boiled your rice in, and this will answer the end of starch, and no dew will affect it, as it will be stiff as long as you wear it. If a gown it must be taken to pieces; and when dried, be careful to hang it as smooth as possible; after it is dry rub it with a slick stone but use no iron.

cholera morbus.

TAKE a soft cork and burn it thoroughly in the fire when it ceases to blaze, mix it up on a plate with a little milk and water, or any thing: more agreeable, and repeat the dose till the disorder ceases; which it commonly does in the second or third administration of the remedy by correcting the acidity of the stomach.

Another Remedy,

TAKE a small handful of the leaves of either peppermint or spearmint, rather more than half as much of the leaves of tansey, mix them, and put them in a soft thin flannel bag, large enough to cover the stomach and bowels; quilt the bag through in several places so as to prevent the herbs from falling to one place, which would be very oppressive and injurious,