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SWEET oil and loaf sugar made up like a syrup is recommended for a cold, especially when attended with a sore throat.

An excellent vegetable balsam for soreness of the breast, coughs, &c.

DISSOLVE over the fire, one pound of white sugar candy in a quantity of white wine vinegar, say about three pints, until it is reduced by evaporation to one pint; during the operation let as much garlick as possible be dissolved with it. This preparation will answer all the purposes of Godbold's vegetable balsam, and is probably the same.

Another Remedy for a Cold.

IF a person is attacked with unusual chilliness, pain in the head and back, oppression of the breast, on the first appearance of those symptoms bathe the feet in warm water for fifteen minutes, wipe them dry, draw on the stockings and immediately go to bed, and drink freely of strong snake root tea.

Another.—For an ulcerated soar throat.

DROP some good brandy on a piece of refined lump sugar till it has absorbed as much as it will contain, which suffer to remain in the mouth till it be gradually dissolved.—Repeat the same four or five time a day; and in the course of a few days the ulcer will wholly disappear.

colic bilious.

TAKE one quart of hickory ashes, one tea cup full