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Cough in the early stage of Consumption.

Let ten grains of crude opium be rubbed with thirty grains of volatile alkali, two drachms volatile spirits of ammonia, and one half ounce of peppermint water—of this well shaken, a tea spoonful may be taken three times a day in a little weak tea.

Gentleman' s Magazine.

IT is said that innoculation for the cow pox will arrest the whooping cough.

Another remedy for Whooping Cough.

TAKE dried colt's-foot leaves (that have not been gathered more than a year) a good handful, cut them small, and boil them in a pint of spring-water, till half a pint is boiled away; then take it off the fire, and when it is almost cold, strain it through a cloth, squeezing the herb dry as you can, and then throw it away. Dissolve in the liquor an ounce of sugar candy, finely powdered, and to a child three or four years old give one spoonful of it, cold or warm as the season favours, three or four times a day or oftener if the fits of coughing come frequently, till well. For older or younger person the quantity may be increased, or diminished as thought proper.

This preparation is useful also in asthmas phthysic, shortness of breath consumptions, &c.

N. B. When sugar candy cannot conveniently be had, perhaps honey or good clean brown sugar would answer. Sugar candy is, however to be preferred.


DISSOLVE a scruple of salt of Tartar in a gill of water; add ten grains of cochineal finely powdered,