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sweeten this with fine sugar. Give to an infant the fourth part of a table spoonful four times a day; and from four upwards a spoonful may be taken. The relief is immediate, and the cure in general effected within 5 or 6 days.


RUB the part with camphor dissolved in oil.


Cure for the Croup, vulgarly called the Rattles.

IT is allowed by the best physicians in the country, that the croup, formerly a very fatal disease, is now successfully treated with a weak solution of corrosive sublimate, to be given in small quantities every fifteen minutes till it causes puking. This medicine, though a dangerous instrument in the hands of ignorance, when judiciously managed has snatched many a child from the jaws of death.

Another remedy for Croup.

[By Dr. John Archer of Hartford County, Maryland.]

MAKE a strong decoction of the Seneka root in the following manner, viz. half an ounce of Seneka, in coarse, powder boil in eight ounces of water down to four. Of this give a teaspoonful every half hour, as the urgency of the symytoms may require, and at intervals a few drops to keep up the stimulus, until it either acts as an emetic or cathartic. Then repeat it in similar quantities, so as to preserve the stimulus of seneka constantly in the mouth or throat.