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If the disease be more advanced, and the breathing more difficult, give calomel frequently and freely, and rub mercurial ointment on the throat and contiguous parts so as to effect the glands of the throat and mouth as quickly as possible, that the mercury may co-operate with the action or stimulus of the seneka.


TAKE a very tight barrel tub; fill it up to the bung with stones, then a little straw, and earth enough over the straw to fill the barrel. Fill the lower half with water, but instead of letting it steep through the earth, it should be passed through a tube, placed in the earth for that purpose, as often as more water is wanted. The bung should be left out and the water kept as high as the hole by repeated waterings. The plants lying so high will be kept out of the way of insects, nor will they suffer by drought. The plants, however, should once in a while be a little sprinkled with water if the season be very dry.

To preserve Cucumbers and Squashes from bugs and flies.

SPRINKLE the plants with a strong infusion of elder leaves; and that of hops is likewise recommended. Or,

Suspend a diamond formed piece of white paper, shingle or other piece of wood by a thread, tied to the end ©f a stick stuck in the ground a small distance from the hill so that the paper will hang directly over the hill, and near the plants. The air by constantly vibrating the paper or shingle will have a tendency to prevent insects from alighting on the plants. Or,

In the morning when the dew is on sprinkle the plants with fine dust of slacked lime.