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To render Cucumbers wholesome.

SLICE cucumbers into a basin of cool spring water, and it will render them not only more crisp and fine but much more wholesome, and prevent their rising in the stomach. The water will completely take away the pernicious juice of the cucumber; which is the principal cause of its disagreeing with the stomach.


THE curculio is a genus of insects belonging to the Beetle-order. In its maggot state it is bedded in apples and other fruits, producing what is vulgarly called wormy fruit. Poultry and hogs are great devourers of this insect both in the beetle and maggot state. Pasturing orchards with swine sufficient to eat all the apples which fall is a good antidote to the ravages of these insects. Placing little bits of board, about the size of a case knife dipped in tar or turpentine in the tops of fruit trees is recommended, as all terebenthinate substances are very offensive to all kinds of insects. From three to five bits according to the size of the tree are said to be sufficient. They should be placed soon after the trees are in full bloom, and the application of the tar frequently renewed while the fruit hangs on the tree.


Directions for the culture of the Currant-bush.

THE currant-bush, though a shrub that grows almost spontaneously, requires nevertheless some dressing; in regard to which the following directions may be of service.