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8. Persist in these means for three hours at least, or until life be restored.

Cautions.—1. Never to be held up by the heels.

2. Not to be rolled on casks, or other rough usages.

3. Not to allow into the room more than six persons.

4. Not to rub the body with salt.

General Observations.—On signs of returning life, and if swallowing be returned, a small quantity (often repeated) of warm wine and water, or diluted spirits, should be given; the patient put into a warm bed, and if disposed put to sleep.

Electricity and bleeding are never to be employed, unless by the directions of a medical gentleman.


Dr. Boyle's remedy for Dysentery.

TAKE new churned fresh butter, melt it over a clear fire, and skim off the curdy part. Give two spoonfulls of the clarified remainder two or three times a day. It seldom fails to effect a speedy cure.

Another remedy.

TAKE two glasses of sweet oil—two glasses West India molasses—two glasses West India rum—simmer well together over a fire till it becomes the thickness of honey, so that the oil may not separate from the rest. While on the fire keep it well stirred, and when taken off, continue the same till cool. Then the parent, if a grown person, should take a spoonful once in