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(hams, smoked beef, &c) and if there are any holes in meat in which the skippers have found their way, pour in a little of the juice, and they will roll out in a short time. The application of elder juice does not communicate any bad taste to the meat.


MAY be preserved by anointing them with lard or any greasy or oily substance for months, and some say years. The oily substance closes the pores, hinders the access of air, and thus prevents putrefaction. They should be anointed soon after they are laid.

Superior mode of cooking Eggs. "A boiled egg is a spoiled egg." Apicius.

BOIL a quantity of water, sufficient, for the eggs you wish to use in a saucepan. Take it off when boiling, and place it a little distance from the fire. Put in the eggs cover them over with the lid, and let them continue in the water for two, three or four minutes, according as you wish them to be done. Eggs thus cooked are far more delicate than those boiled in the usual manner, even one half minute's boiling on the fire being sufficient to destroy that delicate flavour found in coddled eggs. They may be thus cooked even at the table, a kettle with boiling water being brought in, and the water poured from it on the eggs in a basin, which being closely covered immediately, will nearly answer the same purpose.


PARE off the thin yellow rinds of six large Seville oranges, and put them into a quart bottle, with an ounce of gentian root scraped and sliced, and half a