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dram of cochineal. Pour to these ingredients a pint of the best brandy; shake the bottle well, several limes, during that and the following day – let it stand two days more to settle; and clear it off into bottles for use. Take one or two spoonsful morning and evening, in a glass of wine, or even in a cup of tea. As a pleasant and safe family medicine this elixir of Dr. Stoughton is highly recommended.

epileptic electuary, for the cure of the falling sickness, hysterics, &c.

TAKE six drams of powdered Peruvian bark, two drams of pulverized Virginia snake root, and a sufficient quantity of sirup of piony to make it up into a soft electuary. This is said, by a celebrated physician, to have been experimentally found a most prevalent and most certain remedy. One dram of this electuary, after proper evacuations having been had, being given to grown persons, and a less dose to those who are younger, every morning and evening for three or four months, and then repeated for three or four days before the change and full of the moon, absolutely eradicates epileptic and hysteric diseases, and also those strange epileptic saltations called St. Vitus's dance.


IT is said that a grain of flax seed possesses all the valuable properties of the eye stone.


Edinburgh Eye-Water.

PUT white vitriol the bigness of a nut into two gills of white rose water; with as much fine loaf su-