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table spoonful of burnt salt and one of Indian meal, and it never fails to effect a cure if applied in season.

Another Cure.

VERATRUM Album, White Helebore, or Poke Root, has been recently discovered to be an effectual remedy for this complaint. The finger or part affected should be soaked in warm milk and water, and covered with a thin membrane: a poultice made of wheat bran, and a strong decoction of this root is then applied, and repeated as often as it becomes dry or the pain returns. It operates as a powerful sedative, allays the pain, procures rest and sleep, and produces shortly a healthy action.


THE following has been published in the National Advocate, a New-York paper, as a preservative against this disorder.

Take one pint of milk, and set it to boil, then put in a table -spoonful of cream of tartar, and, when turned into whey, drain the same through a linen cloth ; afterwards set it again to boil, and put in the white of an egg, after its being beat into a paste, and when well boiled, drain it anew, which will give a beautiful clarified whey, which is to be taken sweetened with white sugar to one's taste, in two doses, one in the morning, and the other in the afternoon, an hour before meals, either cold or blood warm to suit fancy.


A BELFAST newspaper give the following as a cure for typhus fever.