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as will lie on the point of a case knife, two spoonsful of elder vinegar, a small bunch of sweet herbs, and a little pepper, salt and nutmeg. Stir these all on the fire till the liquor is thick, but it must not be suffered to boil. If it be not sufficiently sharp, squeeze in in a little lemon juice, and pour it over the fish.


TO keep off fleas keep in or or about your bed, a sprig of penny royal, or put on your bed clothes a few drops of the essence.


TWO drachms of the extract of Quassia, dissolved in 1-2 pint of hot water, and sweetened with sugar, and set in a place frequented by flies will destroy them.

founder in cattle.

THERE are two species of founder in cattle, that is in horses, cows and sheep, though the same disease, pass under different names i e. the hove, when resulting from too freely feeding- on green clover, and when arising from eating too much grain potatoes, bran or the like, the founder, commonly so called.

Cattle have been known to die from all these causes; but the disease is the same, and requires the same process of cure; which if seasonably administered is effectual and sure.

The founder shows itself by the swelling of the body, by symptoms of violent pain, by gripings, voiding