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ley, rye, oats, peas and beans; likewise in the leaves of rice, cabbages, cresses, hemlock, borage, saffron, in the berries of the elder, and in the grape,


APPLY a leek poultice to the part affected. The steam of hot water is said likewise to cure the complaint by removing obstructions.


TAKE nitre, rhubarb, sulphur, and guiaccum, of each half an ounce, mix the whole in a pound of treacle, and take a teaspoonful going to bed.

Gout in the Stomach.

THIS admirable remedy of the celebrated Dr. Hartley for that dangerous malady, the gout in the stomach, which often proves so fatal, is thus simply prepared: take cordial confection, and aromatic spices, each one dram and a half, sirup of ginger, six drams, orange-peel water, two ounces, and simple cinnamon water, six ounces.

Make a mixture, of which take three table spoonsful occasionally.


A Remedy for the Gravel, extracted from an English periodical publication.

DISSOLVE three drachms of prepared Nitre in a quart of cold water, and take half of this quantity in the course of the day. Continue this simple medicine for