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hessian fly.

IMMERSE the seed wheat ten or fifteen seconds in boiling hot water; cool it suddenly; dry it with lime or gypsum sprinkled upon it, and sow it immediately. This process will assist the growth, in addition to its killing the nits of the fly, which by a good glass are said to be discernable near the sprouts of the grain that are infected.


How to shoe Horses.

LET nothing be cut from the sole, binder or frog, except the loose rotten scale No opening of heels on any occasion — it infallibly causes in time the disease called hoof bound — No shoes to be fitted on red hot. Shoes always to be made of the best hard and well wrought iron, with not a convex, but a flat and even surface next the ground, so that the horse may stand in a natural and easy position. No caulks for either heel or toe of fore or hind feet. The web of the shoe not so wide as usual, nor so thick nor strong at the heel, and never to project beyond it, in order that the foot may stand perfectly level, and the frog be not prevented from touching the ground. It is as absurd to pare down the frog as is usually done, as it would be to pare away the thick skin, which nature has placed over the human heel! All the horses in England are now shod according to the above directions.

For different diseases in Horses. — Hide Bound.

TO cure this, it will be necessary to put your horse on a pretty liberal diet; also every day a mash of bran