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or boiled rye should be given him; and twice a week give him half an ounce of brimstone in his bran.


CUT the hair off close, and wash the legs with strong soap-suds or urine ; put on a turnip poultice a few days, mixed with hog's fat and linseed oil; it will soon effect the cure.

Hoof Bound.

TAKE a phlegm lancet, and open the hoof at the edge of the hair, to give it liberty of spreading. Then grease it daily with woodchuck, skunk or dog's grease, that it may grow


GIVE your horse two quarts of the liquor, wherein garden rhubarb, flax seed and mallows, have been boiled ; or boil white-oak bark, and white-pine together ; give him one quart of this morning and evening till well.


TAKE the plant called Scull Cap, gathered either before dog days begin or after they are over (that is before the 30th of July, and after the 10th of September,) and cure it in the shade. Cut it fine, and bottle it up close. Of this powder make a decoction as strong as common tea, and give it to an adult, half a pint night and morning, fasting; to a child of three years old one gill; to a child of eight years, one and an half gill; to a child of twelve years, two gills. The patient in every third day during the period of taking the decoc-