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tion, must miss taking it, and instead of it must take two teaspoons full of roll brimstone with molasses in sufficient quantity to procure a free passage. Continue this course for forty days. The patient must abstain from butter or milk, or any thing of a greasy nature in his diet, and wholly from spirituous liquors. It is important also that he should not wet his feet.

N. Y. Evening Post.

indian corn.

E. BRACKET of Salem county, N. J. raised upon one acre of ground one hundred and ten bushels of Indian Corn. The method of cultivation, which he pursused was as follows :

1st. Ploughing and ameliorating the soil as usual.

2d. By furrowing at the distance of seven feet each way.

3d. By filling, (or nearly so) those furrows with manure.

4th. Covering up said manure by two furrows on either side.

5th. Planting the seed corn in those two latter furrows, at the distance of 10 inches per grain asunder.

6th. Ploughing, &c. said corn all one way.

N. B. The space between the rows for the tillage of the same was five feet, from which the weeds, &c. were kept cleansed.

By the foregoing method the ground is fitted for a succeeding crop of winter grain ; the usual mode of