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TAKE a large handful of the bark of black alder, cut small; boil in a quart of hard cider and drink freely when cold. The bark of the common wild black cherry tree, pulverised, and infused in cider, or spirits, is said to be efficacious in removing this disorder.


BLOOD root powdered and given in doses of 15 or 20 grains.


[From the New- York Medical Repository.]

TAKE salt of tartar one ounce, of castile soap, gum arabic each half an ounce, of spirits or brandy one pint. The ingredients should be frequently stirred with a stick, and shook well together, and after standing four or five days the medicine will be fit for use. The dose is two thirds of a wine glass, mixed with one third of a wine glass of water, every morning for three days in succession, when it may be left off for two or three mornings, and taken again in the same way, if necessary, until the disease begins to disappear. Where the case is bad, it should be taken every morning until relief is procured.

Saponaceous draught for the Yellow Jaundice.

TAKE from two to four scruples of Castile or Venice soap, according to the age and state of the patient, and the disease, boil it in six ounces of milk till reduced to four; then add three drams of sugar, and strain it for a draught. This quantity is to be taken every morning and afternoon for four or five days, and is esteemed a most prevailing medicine against the jaun-