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the cask, and at least nine in the bottles, it will be truly excellent. In a similar way may be made all fruit wines, by thus substituting honey for sugar,

measles in swine.

ABOUT once a week, mix two spoonsful of madder in their food, which prevents obstructions, acting as a diuretic, and at the same time an astringent. And, on some other day in the week, give a spoonful or two of an equal quantity of flour of sulphur, and saltpetre, well pounded and mixed.


MAY be preserved fresh many months, by keeping it immersed in molasses. A joint of meat, or any provision, suspended in a flannel bag will keep sweet much longer than by most of the modes commonly practised. The cooler and dryer the meat is, when the flannel is put round it the better, and the flannel should be perfectly clean.

Another way to preserve Meat.

PUT fresh meat in a close vessel, containing vinegar, which will preserve it a considerable time. Tainted meat may be rendered good, by pickling it in pearl ash water, for some time. Before it is cooked, however, it should be dipped in vinegar, a short time, and then salted in brine.

To cure Putrid Meat.

PUT the meat intended for making soup into a saucepan full of water; skim it when it boils; then throw into the sauce pan a burning coal, very compact and