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destitute of smoke; leave it there for two minutes, and it will have contracted all the smell of the meat and the soup. If you wish to roast a piece of meat on the spit, you must put it into the water till it boils, and after having skimmed it, throw a burning coal into the water, boiled as before — at the end of two minutes, take out the meat, and having wiped it well in order to dry it, put it on the spit.


WHEN meat has become tainted, after having been pickled, or salted down, the following process, it is said will cure it: Take a sufficient quantity of charcoal, and after taking out the meat, and throwing away the offensive pickle repack it in the barrel, lay pieces of charcoal between the pieces of meat, and making a new pickle, and adding a little salt petre. In about five or six days the meat will become as sweet as it was when first packed.

On keeping meat.

THERE are two points to be considered with respect to meat. The longer it is kept without salt, the tenderer it becomes. If it receive salt in this state it will become correspondingly tender, and the smaller the quantity of salt, used in its preservation, the looser, sweeter and more palatable will be the meat.

Beef. Let it lie in a cool place, without freezing, about a week; use eight ounces pulverized salt petre, and six quarts of fine salt to a barrel — put water to these in a convenient vessel; roll the pieces of beef separately in this; pack them in the cask lightly; and in two or three days fill it up with water You need not be alarmed if it become a little slippery in the spring, provided it is not tainted. The plate pieces of