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cream or butter, or even of tallow or of ordinary soap. When the whole composition is sufficiently incorporated, if in a hot state, stir it in the copper till it becomes cool, or transfer it to another vessel and do the same. The composition will be stronger or weaker in proportion to the purity of the sub-carbonate of potash, or of soda made use of, or of both, when both are employed together; it will be therefore necessary to be particularly attentive to this circumstance. It will be also better to strain off the sediment of the lime water and alkali, or alkalies when mixed.


TO prevent the bite of musquetoes, rub the oil of pennyroyal, a little weakened on the hands and face.

mustard, how mixed.

BOIL a sufficient quantity of horse radish in the best white wine vinegar, add to it half as much mountain or good raisin wine, and a little double refined sugar; then make it up to a proper consistency with the best unadulterated Durham flour of mustard, stop it up close, and it will keep for years. Mustard thus made has an inconceivably fine spirit and flavour. Common keeping mustard may be made by only substituting water for the vinegar, with or without garlic, and a little salt. The flour of mustard should be gradually mixed with the boiling water or vinegar, to a proper thickness, and rubbed perfectly smooth.

Another way for immediate use.

MIX the mustard with new milk by degrees, to be quite smooth, and add a little raw cream. It is much softer this way if not better, and will keep well.—A