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oil essential, how obtained from Flowers.

TAKE a clean earthern pipkin or deep dish, in which place a layer of cotton previously steeped in some inodorous oil, as pure Florence oil, or the oil of the benny seed when fresh and tasteless. On this place a layer of the fresh gathered leaves of the rose, tuberose, sweet pink, jasmine or other odoriferous flower or plant; over this layer place another of cotton which has been steeped in oil as before directed, and thus continue till you have filled the vessel with alternate layers of leaves and cotton,, or you have the desired quantity, when cover it up closely, and let it stand for four or five days, when the oil will be found to have fully imbibed the odour of the leaves; then take them out, express the oil carefully from the cotton, and bottle it up for use.

oil or tallow, how extracted from papers, &c.

HAVING got ready some common blotting paper, gently warm the spotted part of the book or paper damaged by the grease, and, as it melts, take up as much as possible, by repeated applications of fresh bits of the blotting paper. When no more can be thus imbibed, dip a small brush in the essential oil of well rectified spirits of turpentine, heated almost to a boiling state, and wet with it both sides of the paper, which should also be at the same time a little warm. This operation must be repeated till all the grease is extracted; when another brush, dipped in highly rectified spirits of wine, being passed over the same part, the spot or spots will entirely disappear, and the paper reassume its original whiteness, without the least detriment to the paper or the printing or writing thereon.