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oil of balsam of gilead, how obtained.

THIS excellent family oil, which should be kept in every house, is made in the following simple manner. Put loosely into a bottle of any size, as many balm of gilead flowers as will reach to about one third part of its height, then nearly fill up the bottle with good sweet oil, and after shaking it a little occasionally, and letting it infuse a day or two, it is fit for use. It must be very closely stopped, and will then not only keep for years, but be the better for keeping. When it is about half used, the bottle may again be filled up with oil, and well shaken; and, in two or three days, it will be as good as at first. The most alarming cuts and bruises of the skin which are so frequently rendered worse by spirituous balsams, salves, &c. are completely cured in a few days, and sometimes in a few hours, by this incomparable oil.

ointment for the itch.

SULPHUR two ounces, crude sal ammoniac two drachms, hogs' lard or butter four ounces, essence of lemon half an ounce.


FRESH butter one pound, red precipitate of mercury one ounce, burgundy pitch two ounces, spirits of turpentine two ounces.

ointment for excoriations.

MUTTON tallow half a pound, lard half a pound, bees wax one ounce, red lead one ounce.