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2) Passive Resistance can only be carried to a successful conclusion if the cause be just. The acceptance of suffering, instead of the infliction of it, requires such moral power in those who adopt this that no community could successfully use it in an unjust cause. Injustice and Passive Resistance have no affinity.

3) When the native peoples have risen sufficiently high in the scale of civilisation to give up warfare and use the Christian method of solving a dispute, they will be fit to exercise the right to vote in political affairs. This will be the resolution of questions connected with Passive Resistance. The one triumphant way of meeting such combinations is to deal justly with the ????, and to give them, directly or indirectly a ???? the settlement of those questions which concern their welfare.

4) True Passive Resistance never tends to be effective resistance. It recoils, of necessity, from methods of violence or those advocated by anarchists. It is at the opposite pole from the spirit of ???f, then, the natives accept the doctrines which are so prevalent amongst the Indian community, ??? Africa need not fear the horrors of a racial