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Minister was taken by his brother, Ranoddipa Sinha. In 1881 Raja Surendra Vikrama died after thirty-four years as ruler of the State, but in the active administration of whieh he took no great personal part, leaving this to his ministers. His son, Raja Prithivi Vira Vikrama Sah, born in 1875, then mounted the throne, and is king of Nepal at the present day.

There have been some changes in the ministry during this reign. Ranoddipa Sinha was assassinated in 1885, and Bir Sham Sher Jang Rana Bahadur, a nephew of Jung Bahadur, became Prime Minister. His tenure of this office was marked by a sound policy and many progressive measures, but he died suddenly in 1901. This important position was then taken by his brother, Maharaja Chander Sham Sher Jang Rana Bahadur, who is the present able Prime Minister of the State.