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always borne in mind—that "modern science ought, at any rate, to have taught us one thing—how to separate light from heat."

When the list of members and the character of the subjects discussed are considered, many will agree that it is matter for congratulation, and a pleasant sign of the times, that such a society should have lived its full life in London in entire harmony. It came to an end because, after twelve years of debating, there seemed little to be said which had not already been repeated more than once. The members were as follows:

Mr. Tennyson. Rev. James Martineau.
Mr. Gladstone. Prof. Seeley.
The Duke of Argyll. Mr. Walter Bagehot.
Dean Stanley. Sir John Lubbock.
Archbishop Manning. Rev. Mark Pattison.
The Bishop of St. David's. Dr. Carpenter.
The Archbishop of York. Prof. Lushington.
Prof. Huxley. Mr. Shadworth Hodgson.
The Bishop of Peterborough. Dr. Andrew Clark.
Prof. Tyndall. Mr. Leslie Stephen.
Mr. Frederic Harrison. Mr. John Morley.
Lord Selborne. Sir William Gull.
Prof. Clifford. Dr. Gasquet.
Father Dalgairns. Prof. Fraser.
Sir James Stephen. Mr. George Grove.
Dr. Ward. Rev. Dr. Mozley.
The Bishop of Gloucester and Mr. James Hinton.
Bristol. Prof. Sylvester.
Dean Alford. Dr. Bucknill.
The Dean of St. Paul's. Prof. St. George Mivart.
Mr. Ruskin. Prof. Barnes Upton.
Mr. Froude. Mr. Henry Sidgwick.
Mr. Grant Duff. Mr. R. H. Hutton.
Mr. Robert Lowe. Rev. Robert Clarke.
Rev. Prof. Maurice. Mr. W. R. Greg.
Rev. Prof. Pritchard. Mr. Matthew Boulton.
Prof. Robertson. Mr. Frederick Pollock.
Sir Alexander Grant. Dr. Acland.
Lord Arthur Russell. Hon. Roden Noel.
Rev. Canon Barry. Mr. James Knowles.

Among our chairmen—appointed annually, but sometimes serving for two years successively were Sir John Lubbock, Cardinal Manning, Professor Huxley, Mr. Gladstone, Dr. Ward, Dr. Martineau, Lord Selborne, and Lord Arthur Russell.

The character of the subjects brought forward may be gathered from the titles of some of the papers, and, as the discussions were ab-