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1314 A. D.] The Battle of Bannockburn. 223 �This vow he afterwards fulfilled at Oxford, and provided the expenses, notwithstanding the remon- strance of Hugh le Despenser." Such was the origin of Oriel College. �De Valence, Earl of Pembroke having seen King Edward safely off the battle-field, did not accompany him in his flight. Probably his horse was killed, for he escaped on foot, and made his way to Carlisle. �There remains to be mentioned the loss suffered by the victors in this great battle. It was insignifi- cant compared with that of the English. The only knights of renown who are known to have fallen were Sir William de Vipont and Sir Walter de Ros. The last-named was Edward de Brus's dearest friend, and the brother of his paramour, Isabel de Ros.* ���* Edward obtained a dispensation to marry Isabel de Ros, by whom he had a son Alexander ; but it was only dated June I, I3I7 a few months before his death, so it is not likely that the marriage ever took place. ���� �