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Shame flush'd her noble cheek, her bosom burn'd ; To helpless, hopeless Africa she turn'd ; She saw her sister in the Mourner's face. And rush'd with tears into her dark embrace :

  • All hail !' exclaim'd the Empress of the sea,
  • Thy chains are broken, Africa be free 1'

Muse ! take the harp of prophecy : — ^behold ! The glories of a brighter age unfold : Friends of the outcast ! view the accompHsh'd plan, The Negro towering to the height of man. The blood of Romans, Saxons, Gauls, and Danes, Swell'd the rich fountain of the Briton's veins ; Unmingled streams a warmer life impart, And quicker pulses to the Negro's heart : A dusky race beneath the evening sun, Shall blend their spousal currents into one : Is beauty bound to colour, shape, or air ? No ; God created all his offspring fair.

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