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106 STAT. 430 PUBLIC LAW 102-321—JULY 10, 1992 "(5) HOME VISITING SERVICES TEAM.— The team to be consulted under paragraph (4) on behalf of a family shall include, as appropriate, other nursing professionals, physician assistants, social workers, child welfare professionals, infant and early childhood specialists, nutritionists, and laj^ersons trained as home visitors. The case manager shall ensure that the Elan is coordinated with those physician services that may e required by the mother or child.

    • (g) OUTREACH.— Each grantee under subsection (a) shall provide

outreach and casefinding services to inform eligible families of the availability of home visiting services from the project. " (h) CONFIDENTIALITY. — In accordance with applicable State law, an entity receiving a grant under subsection (a) shall maintain confidentiality with respect to services provided to families under this section. "(i) CERTAIN ASSURANCES.— The Secretary may award a grant under subsection (a) only if the entity involved provides assurances satisfactory to the Secretary that— "(1) the entity will provide home visiting services with reasonable frequency— "(A) to families with pregnant women, as early in the pregnancy as is practicable, and until the infant reaches at least 2 years of age; and "(B) to other eligible families, for at least 2 years; and "(2) the entity will coordinate with public health and related social service agencies to prevent auplication of effort and improve the delivery of comprehensive health and related social services, "(j) SUBMISSION TO SECRETARY OF CERTAIN INFORMATION.— The Secretary may award a grant under subsection (a) only if the entity involved submits to the Secretary— "(1) a description of the population to be targeted for home visiting services and methods of outreach and casefinding for identifying eligible families, including the use of lay home visitors where appropriate; "(2) a description of the types and qualifications of home visitors used by the entity and the process by which the entity will provide continuing training and sufficient support to the home visitors; and "(3) such other information as the Secretary determines to be appropriate, "(k) LIMITATION REGARDING ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES. —Not more than 10 percent of a grant under subsection (a) may be expended for administrative expenses with respect to the grant. The costs of training individuals to serve in the project involved are not subject to the preceding sentence. "(1) RESTRICTIONS ON USE OF GRANT. —TO be eligible to receive a grant under this section, an entity must agree that the grant will not be expended— "(1) to provide inpatient hospital services; "(2) to make cash payments to intended recipients of services; "(3) to purchase or improve land, purchase, construct, or permanently improve (other than minor remodeling) any building or other facility, or purchase m£gor medical equipment; "(4) to satisfy any requirement for the expenditure of non- Federal funds as a condition for the receipt of Federal funds; or