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PUBLIC LAW 102-325—JULY 23, 1992 106 STAT. 767 authorized by section 5703 of title 5, United States Code, for persons in Government service employed intermittently. "(b) USE OP SELECTION PANELS. —The recipients of fellowships shall be selected in each designated field from among all applicants nationwide in each field by distinguished panels appointed by the Board to make such selections under criteria established by the Board, The number of recipients in each field in each year shall not exceed the number of fellows allocated to that field for that year by the Board. "(c) FELLOWSHIP PORTABILITY.— Each recipient shall be entitled to use the fellowship in a doctoral program at any accredited institution of higher education in which the recipient may decide to enroU.

    • SEC. 933. STIPENDS.

20 USC 1134j. "(a) AWARD BY SECRETARY.— The Secretary shall pay to individuals awarded fellowships under this part such stipends as the Secretary may establish, reflecting the purpose of this program to encourage highly talented students to luidertake graduate study as described in this part. In the case of an individual who receives such individual's first stipend under this part in academic year 1993-1994 or any succeeding academic year, such stipend shall be set at a level of support equal to that provided by the National Science Foundation graduate fellowships, except such amount shall be adjusted as necessary so as not to exceed the fellow's demonstrated level of need according to measurements of need approved by the Secretary. "(b) INSTITUTIONAL PAYMENTS.— "(1) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary shall (in addition to the stipends paid to individuals under subsection (a)) pay to the institution of higher education, for each individual awarded a fellowship for pursuing a course at such institution, $9,000 with respect to such awards made for the academic year 1993- 1994, to be adjusted annually thereafter in accordance with inflation as determined by the Department of Labor's Consumer Price Index for the previous calendar year, except that such amount charged to a fellowship recipient and collected from such recipient for tuition and other expenses required by the institution as part of the recipient's instructional program shall be deducted from the payment to the institution under this subsection. "(2) SPECIAL RULES.—(A) Beginning March 1, 1992, any appHcant for a fellowship under this part who has been notified in writing by the Secretary that such applicant has been selected to receive such a fellowship and is subsequently notified that the fellowship award has been withckawn, shall receive such fellowship unless the Secretary subsequently makes a determination that such applicant submitted iraudulent information on the application. " (B) Subject to the availability of appropriations, amounts payable to an institution by the Secretary pursuant to this subsection shall not be reduced for any purpose other than the purposes specified under paragraph (1).


20 USC 1134k. "(a) REQUIREMENTS FOR RECEIPT.—An individual awarded a fellowship under the provisions of this part shall continue to receive payments provided in section 933 only during such periods as