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106 STAT. 778 PUBLIC LAW 102-325—JULY 23, 1992 TITLE X^^OSTSECONDARY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS SEC. 1001. FUND FOR THE mPROVEMENT OF POSTSECONDARY EDU- CATION. Part A of title X of the Act (20 U.S.C. 1135 et seq.) is amended to read as follows:



    • Subpart 1—Program Authority

20 USC 1135. "SEC. 1001. FUND FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF POSTSECONDARY EDU- CATION. "(a) AUTHORITY. —The Secretary is authorized to make grants to, or enter into contracts with, institutions of higher education or combinations of such institutions and other public and private nonprofit institutions and agencies, to enable such institutions and combinations of such institutions to improve postsecondary education opportunities by— "(1) encouraging the reform, innovation, and improvement of postsecondary education, and providing equal educational opportunity for all; (2) the creation of institutions and progrsuns involving new paths to career and professional training, and new combinations of academic and experiential learning; "(3) the establishment of institutions and programs based on the technology of commimications; "(4) the carrying out in postsecondary educational institutions of changes in internal structure and operations designed to clarify institutional priorities and purposes; "(5) the design and introduction of cost-effective methods of instruction and operation; "(6) the introduction of institutional reforms designed to expand individual opportunities for entering and reentering institutions and pursuing programs of study tailored to individual needs; "(7) the introduction of reforms in graduate education, in the structure of academic professions, and in the recruitment and retention of faculties; and "(8) the creation of new institutions and programs for examining and awarding credentieQs to individuals, and the introduction of reforms in current institutional practices related thereto. "(b) PLANNING GRANTS.— The Secretary is authorized to make planning grants to institutions of higher education for the development and testing of innovative techniques in postsecondary education. Such grants shall not exceed $20,000. 20 USC 1135a. <«EC. 1002. NATIONAL BOARD OF THE FUND FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION. " (a) ESTABLISHMENT.— There is established a National Board of the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (hereafter in this part referred to as the *Board*). The Board shall consist of 15 members appointed by the Secretary for overlapping