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106 STAT. 3390 PUBLIC LAW 102-519—OCT. 25, 1992 ant to section 202(a)(2) or if no such person or entity is authorized, the Secretary. (7) The term "salvage automobile" means any automobile which is damaged by collision, fire, flood, accident, trespass, or other occurrence to the extent that its fair salvage value plus the cost of repairing the automobile for legal operation on roads or highways would exceed the fair market value of the automobile immediately prior to the occurrence causing its damage. (8) The term "salvage yard" means any individual, corporation, or other entity which is engaged in the business of acquiring or owning salvage automobiles for resale, either in their entirety or as spare parts, or for rebuilding or restoration, or for crushing. (9) The term "Secretar/'means the Secretary of Transportation. (10) The term "State" means any State of the United States or the District of Columbia. 15 USC 2042. SEC. 202. NATIONAL MOTOR VEHICLE TITLE INFORMATION SYSTEM. (a) INFORMATION SYSTEM. — (1) ESTABLISHMENT.— Not later than January 1996, the Secretary, in cooperation with the States, shall establish an information system (in this title referred to as the "National Motor Vehicle Title Information System") which will enable States and others to gain instant and reliable access to information maintained by other States pertaining to the titling of automobiles, unless the Secretary determines that an existing information system meets the requirements of subsections (b) and (c) of this section and will enable the Secretary to implement this title as early as possible and designates, in consultation with the Attorney General of the United States, such system as the information system for purposes of this title. In establishing the system, the Secretary, working with the Attorney General of the United States and the States, shall ascertain the extent to which title and related information to be included in the system will be adequate, timely, reliable, uniform, and capable oi aiding in efforts to prevent the introduction or reintroduction into interstate commerce of stolen vehicles or parts. (2) OPERATION.— The Secretary may authorize the operation of the information system established or designated under paragraph (1) by contract through an agreement with a State or States, or by redesignating, after consultation with the States, a third party which represents the interests of the States. (3) FEES. —Operation of the information system established or designated under paragraph (1) shall be paid for by a system of user fees and should be self-sufficient and not be dependent on Federal funds. The amount of fees collected and retained subject to annual appropriation Acts, by the operator pursuant to this paragraph, not including fees collected by the operator and passed on to a State or other entity providing information to the operator, shall not exceed the costs of operating the system. (b) MINIMUM FUNCTIONAL CAPABILITIES. —The information system established or designated under subsection (a)(1) shall, at a