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110 STAT. 3802 PUBLIC LAW 104-304—OCT. 12, 1996 (6) by inserting "and include in the report recommended actions" before the period at the end of the first sentence of paragraph (2); and (7) by inserting "any recommended actions and" in the second sentence of paragraph (2) after "including". (d) MEETINGS. — Section 60115(e) is amended by striking "twice" and inserting "up to 4 times". (e) EXPENSES. — Section 60115(f) is amended— (1) by striking "PAY AND" in the subsection heading; (2) by striking the first 2 sentences; and (3) by inserting "of a committee under this section" after "A member". SEC. 11. PUBLIC EDUCATION PROGRAMS. Section 60116 is amended— (1) by striking "person transporting gas" and inserting "owner or operator of a gas pipeline facility"; (2) by inserting "the use of a one-call notification system prior to excavation," after "educate the public on"; and (3) by inserting a comma after "gas leaks". SEC. 12. ADMINISTRATIVE. Section 60117 is amended— (1) by adding at the end of subsection (b) the following: "The Secretary may require owners and operators of gathering lines to provide me Secretary information pertinent to the Secretary's ability to make a determination as to whether and to what extent to regulate gathering lines."; (2) by adding at the end thereof the following: "(k) AUTHORITY FOR COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS. — To carry out this chapter, the Secretary may enter into grants, cooperative agreements, and other transactions with any person, agency, or instrumentality of the United States, any unit of State or local government, any educationed institution, or any other entity to mrther the objectives of this chapter. The objectives of this chapter include the development, improvement, and promotion of one-call damage prevention programs, research, risk assessment, and mapping."; and (3) by striking "transporting gas or hazardous Uquid" in subsection (b) and inserting "owning". SEC. 13. COMPLIANCE. (a) Section 60118(a) is amended— (1) by striking "transporting gas or hazardous liquid or" in subsection (a); and (2) by striking paragraph (1) and inserting the following: "(1) comply with applicable safety standards prescribed under this chapter, except as provided in this section or in section 60126;". (b) Section 60118(b) is amended to read as follows: "(b) COMPLIANCE ORDERS. —The Secretary of Transportation may issue orders directing compliance with this chapter, an order under section 60126, or a regulation prescribed under this chapter. An order shall state clearly the action a person must take to comply.". (c) Section 60118(c) is amended by striking "transporting gas or hazardous liquid" and inserting "owning".