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LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS. Ss?] R 1 r I Sm . BREW!} 01* 0011 11111 D . ' 501. When to be deemedaggieral. 510. Sahilfedsihgidfxxcnts, and preferences, 502. Alteration of terms to be deemed a 511. Further liability of special partner. dissolution. _ ] 512. Special partner not to claim as cred- 503. If carried on after alteration. u itor when. 504. Htggntpsgépiemhip business may be 513. Suits,’how brought. 505. In suits, who to be defendants. l 514. whhiblgpecml Putnam appear not 506. When name of special partner used; 515. When special partners are discovered be liable. 507. General partners to transact the busi-516. Judgments. 11688- * 517. Dissolution of partnership. 508. Interest andaprofit-s. i 518. Liability of general partners. 509. When capit reduced by payments V to special partner. Sec. 488. Limited partnerships for the transaction of any mercantile, Limited partnermechanical, or manufacturing business within the District may be “h‘P·h°‘”’ f°‘m°d· formed by two or more persons upon the terms, with the rights and 2 Mninb,1se1,e. powers, and subject to the conditions and liabilities prescribed in this 161, s. 1, v. 14, p. chapter. 435- Sec. 489. Such partnership may consist of one or more persons, who _Genei-el and speshall be called general partners, and who shall he jointly and severally °‘“l P’“’°”°”· responsible as general partners are by law, and of one or more persons, 1bm.,s_2,p_4a5, who shall contribute in actual cash payments a specinc sum as capital to the common stock, who shall be called special partners. Sec. 490. The number of special partners shall in no partnership Limit to number Exceed Six of special partners. Ibid. Sec. 491. Special partners are not liable for the debts of the partner- _Lirnit to their ship beyond the fund contributed by them to the capital. 1 . Sec. 492. Persons desirous of forming a limited partnership shall Cnrtificqitc c f make and severally sign a certificate, which shall contain- P’“*”°"°h‘P· First. The name or firm under which such partnership is to be con- Ibid., n. 2, pp, ducted. 435. 436- Second. The general nature of the business intended to be transacted. Third. The names of all the general and special partners interested therein, distinguishing which are general and which are special partners, and their respective places of residence. Fourth. The amount of capital which each special partner shall have contributed to the common stock. Fifth. The period at which the partnership is to commence, and the period at which it is to terminate. Sec. 493. The certificate shall be acknowledged by the several per- To be acknowlsons signing the same before a notary public or a judge of any court in ¤d8¤d-¤¤*¤ifi¤d,¤¤d the District, and such acknowledgments shall be made and certilied in “’°°"l°d· the same manner as the acknowledgments of deeds of land, and when so Ibid., s. 4,p. 436. acknowledged and certified shall be nlcd in the office of the clerk of the supreme court of the District, and shall be recorded by him at large in a book kept for that purpose, open to public inspection. Sec. 494. At the time of tiling the original certificate, with the evi- Amdnvit nr gendence of the acknowledgment thereof, as directed in the preceding sec- GMI partner. tion, an adidavit of one or more of the general partners shall also be filed Ibid_ ,,_ 5, ,,`_‘4'36_‘ therewith in the same office, stating that the sums, specified in the certificate to have been contributed by each of the special partners to the common stock, have been actually and in good faith paid in cash. Sec. 495. No such partnership shall be deemed to have been formed when pm,,,,,. until a certificate shall have been made, acknowledged, nled, and re- ship to be deemed corded, nor until an aiiidavit shall have been made and filed, as directed by the three preceding sections. Ibid-.¤-6.p.436· Sno, 496. If any false statement, not the result of accident or mistake, Li ,i,;m,y f,,, shall be made in the certificate or affidavit required by the preceding false statements. sections of this chapter, all the persons interested in the partnership "—_"""I,,,,,_