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766 TWELFTH CONGRESS. Szss. I. CHJI1. 1812. territory by virtue of a British or Spanish warrant or order of survey, granted prior to the twenty-seventh day of October, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five, who were on that day actually resident in the said territory, and whose claims have been regularly filed with the proper register of the land·oflioe east. and west of Pearl river, according to law, and reported to Congress, agreeably to the fourth section of the act enti- Acr ormmn tuled "Au act concerning the sale of the lands of the United States, and sb l8°8> °h·4°· for other purposes," passed on the thirty-first day of March, one thousand eight hundred und eight, be and they are hereby confirmed in their Register and rights to land so claimed. And the register and receiver of public '°<>¤i*/9F W monies for the district within which the lands may lie, are authorized g2g5c;`;';. ss; and required to make out to such claimant or claimants, entitled thereto nrmauon. by the provisions of this act, n certificate of contirmation, for each of which certificates the register and receiver shall each receive one dollar, directed to the commissioner of the general land—oiEce; and if it shall appear to the satisfaction of the said commissioner that such certificates P¤!¤¤¤¤ to be have been fairly obtained, according to the true intent and meaning of §;:g;l°;'“;;;_°u°h this act, then and in that case patents shall be granted in like manner as Proviso. is provided by law for the other lands of the United States: Provided, that no person shall be entitled to the benefit of this act who shall not appear by the report made to Congress as aforesaid or by the records of the boards of commissioners for the said territory to have been a resident of said territory on the twenty-seventh day of October one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five; nor shall any person be entitled to the benefit thereof who has received a donation grant from the United States: P¤’<>Vi¤¤· Provided also, that not more than six hundred and forty acres shall by virtue of this act be grunted to any one claim. This ac; not Sec. 2. And be itfuriher enacted, That nothing in this act contained 3<;;gT:;g¤d;¢[§*¤l shall be construed to affect the decisions of the courts of justice in the mmm kim “ said territory, heretofore made respecting the claims, or any part thereof] embraced by the preceding section, or to prevent a judicial decision between the holder of a British patent, legally and fully executed and recorded with the register of the land·oflice east or west of Pearl river, and the persons whose claims are confirmed by the preceding section where such claims interfere. Armtovmn, June 30, 1812. STATUTE 1. —-—-· Jung 30, 1312, CHAP. CXI.·—dn dat to authorize the issuing of Treasury Notes. (a) {obsolete] Be it enacted by the Senate and Hvztsc of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby authorized to cause treasury notes ga) Treasury notes. Acts which have been passed relating to the issue and reimbursement of Treasury no es s.. An act to authorize the issuing of treasury notes, June 30, 1812, chap. 111. chg; got authorizing the issuing of treasury notes for the service of the year 1813, February 25, 1813, chit; {tgt to authorize the i suing of treasury notes for the service of the year 1814, March 4, 1814, An act supplemental to the act authorizing a loan for the several sums of twenty-five millions of dollars, and three millions of dollars, December 26, 1814, chap. 17. An act to authorize a loan for a sum not exceeding eighteen million five hundred and flfty.two dollars, March 3, 1815, chap. 86, sec. 7. An act to authorize the payment in certain cases on account of treasury notes which have been lost or destroyed, February 4, 1819, chap. 13. An act to authorize the issuing of treasury notes, October 12, 1837, chap. 2. Au act additional to the act on the subject of treasury notes, March 31, 1840, chap. 5. An act to authorize the issuing ol" treasury notes, February 15, 1.841, chap. 4, An act to authorize an issue of treasury notes, January 31, 1842, chap. 2. Au act For the extension of the loan of one thousand eight hundred and, and for an addition of Eve million of dollars on treasury notes due, April 15, 1842, chap. 14. An act to limit the sale of public stock ut par, and to authorize the issue of treasury notes in lieu thereof, August 31, 1842, ohap.28’I. enact authorizing the re-issuing of treasury notes, and for other purposes, March 3, 1843, chap. 81. Civil and diplomatic appropriation set of June 17, 1844.