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TWENTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 199. 1832. 575 Su. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said commissioners shall Rules and re- · be, and they are hereby, authorized to make all needful rules and regu. z¤1M=i¤¤¤· lations, not contravcning the laws of the land, the provisions of this act, or the provisions of the said convention, for carrying their said commission into full and complete effect. Sm:. 3. And be it further enacted, That the board so constituted Time ofmuez. shall meet on the first Monday of August next at the city of Washing- im; ¤¤d¢¤r}¤i¤¤- ton; and, within two years from the time of its meeting, shall ter- °‘°“ °fd“°‘°" mmm its duties. And the Secretary of State is required forthwith, Nggiqg osmm. after the passing of this act, to give notice of the said meeting; to be ingpublished in two newspapers in Washington, and in such other papers as he may think proper. Sue. 4. And be it jbrfhzr enacted, That all records, documents, or Recgydg, M, other papers, which now are in, or hcreafter, during the continuance of w be deliiefed this commission, may come into the possession of the Department of °°°°'““““"°“‘ State, in relation to such claims, shall be delivered to the commission aforesaid. Sm. 5. And be it jizrthu enacted, That the compensation of the re- Pqy of comspeceive officers, for whose appointment provision is made by this act, ;€:“°‘;:;°°' shall not exceed the following sums, namely: to each of the said com- c19,.;; ’ missioners, at the rate of three thousand dollars per annum ; to the secretary of the board at the rate of two thousand dollars per annum; and to the clerk, at the ratc of fifteen hundred dollars per annum. And Contingent exnhc President of the United States shall bs, and he is hereby authorized P'?"'?' °f °°“" to make such provision for the contingent expenses of the said commis- mmm' sion, as shall appear to him reasonable and proper ; and the said salaries and expenses shall be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwisc appropriated. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the said commissioners shall Lin ofavmds report to the Secretary of State at list of the several awards made by :2 gw ’iE°"*°? them ; a certified copy whereof shall be by him transmitted to the Sec- Smsggd QQ,} retary of the Treasury, who shall thereupon distribute, in ratcablc pro- Bed copy to Secportions, among the persons in whose favour the awards shall have been '°*“'Y if Tm; made, such moneys as may have been received into the Treasury in virtue awgbté LL cf this act, according to the proportions which their respective awards shall bear to the whole amount then received, first deducting such sums of money as may be duc the United States from said persons in whose favour said awards shall be made; and shall also cause certificates to be Cmiiicacesto issued by the Secretary of the Treasury, in such form as he may prescribe, b° l“'“°d· showing the proportion to which each may be entitled of the amount that may thereafter be received; and,0n the presentation of the aid certificates at the trcasury,as the net proceeds of the general instalments, payable by the French government, shall have been received, such proportions thereof shall be paid to the legal holders of the said certificatzs. Ssc. 7. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Insulmenmw Secretary of the Treasury to cause the several instalments, with the FU §;¤*é*g:;'°d interest thereon, payable to the United States in virtue of the said con- agian IL pf; venticu, to be received hom the French govcmment, and transferred to cud: paid into the United States, in such manner as he may deem best, and the net *1** ¤'**¤¤*’Y· proceeds thereof to be paid into the treasury ; and, on the payment of the Sum to be net proceeds of each of the said instalments, there shall be set apart, of the ¤P¤*’*» &°· money in the treasury, such further sum as would have been received from the net proceeds of such instalment, if the reservation stipulated by the fourth article of said convention had not been deducted; andthe Appropriation. moneys which may be thus set apart, together with those which may be received into the treasury under this act, shall bc, and the same are héféby, appropriated, to satisfy the awards hcrcin provided for. commmich SHc.8. And be it further enacted, That all communications to or from gm,. nu,