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502 TVVENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 122. 1842. Pny und sub- cars, musicians, privatcs and servants, serving on shore, and subsist- ¤i¤¤¤¤¤<=- ence of officers of the marine corps, one hundred eighty-three thousand three hundred and ci ht *-one dollars. Provisions. N o. 25. For provisgfong for the non-commissioned officers, musicians, privates and servants and washerwcmen, serving on shore, forty-five thousand fifty-four dollars and ninety-nine cents. Clothing. N 0. 26. For clothing, forty-three thousand six hundred sixty-two dollars and fift cents. Fuel. N 0. 27. ¥`0r fuel, sixteen thousand two hundred seventy-four dollars and twelve cents. Bumcks. No. 28. For keeping barracks in repair, and for rent of temporary barracks nt New York, six thousand dollars. Tmnsporm- N 0. 29. For transportation of officers, non-commissioned onicars, tim'- musicians and privatcs, and expenses of recruiting, eight thousand dollars. Mediciu€S &c N0. 30. For medicines, hospital supplies, surgical instruments, Bq of matron, and hospxtul stewards, four thousand one hundred and {'city dollars. Mmmy No. 31. For military stores, pay of urmorcrs, kccping arms in ycpair, scores, &c. accoutrcments, ordnance stores, flags, drums, lifes and other mstruments, two thousand eight hundred dollars. Contingent N 0. 32. For contingent cxpcnscs of said corps, viz.: For freight, fer- °XP°¤s€S· riagc, toll, wlmrhxgc, und carmge; for pcr diem allowance for attending courts martial und courts of inquiry ; compensation to judge anvocates; house rant whcrc there are no public quarters assxgncd; pgr dmm allowance to enlnstcd men on constant labor; expenses of burying doceased marines; printing, stationery, fomgc, postage on public letters, expenses in pursuit of dcscrtcrs, candles, and oil, straw, barrack furniture, bed sacks, spades, axes, shovels, picks, carpcntcrs’ tools, and for keeping a. horse for the messenger, seventeen thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars. Approved, August 4, 1842. STATUTE I1. -——-—— Aug_ 4, 1g4g_ Cyn. CXXII.-An .6ct to provide for the armed occupation and settlement gf ··—·—··—— the unsettled part of the peninsula of East Florida. (a) Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Certain persons States of America, in Congress assembled, That any person, being the ifs5h2t5i:; head of {1 family, gr singtggxun OJ8i' eighteen years of age, able to bear 8 ,1,,,,,,, W, arms, w 10 as ma c, or s , wit in one car from and after the ass c eign of land, on of this act, make an actual settlement wizhin that part of Floriga s?§1-

£’;;’"g are and being south of the line dividing townships numbers nine and
 ten south, and east of the base line, shall bq entitled to one quarter section of said land, on the following conditions and stipulations:

To Ohm;,,,, First. That said settler shall obtain from the register of the land gfrrnit r}:gib· officc, in the district in which he proposes to settle, u permit describing g ° · as partnqularly as may be practicable, the place where his or har settlepmvgsm mentns intendcd to be made: Provided, That no person who shall be a resident of Florida at the time of the passage of this act, who shall bc the owner of one hundred and sixty acres of land, at the time he proposes to settle, shall be entitled to a permit from the register. Five years' Second. That sain settler shall reside in the Territory of Florida, resldenw south of szud tcwnshnp hue, for five consecutive years, and to take his

 grant on any public land south of that township.

hE¤*¢¤¤<£ of 8 Third. That said settler shall erect thereon a house fit for the habi- °“S“· °· tation of man, and shall clear, enclose, and cultivate at least five acres of said land, and reside thereon for the space of four years next follow-

(a) An act to amend an act cmitlcd "A i In unsettled part of the peninsula of East F1212g;}? §;::c?5?T8E1T 7%