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the celebration of any Marriage according to the rites of the Church of England.

Certificate to be given before the License is granted.
And be it Enacted. That before any such License be granted by the Superintendent Registrar, one of the Parties intending Marriage shall appear personally before the Superintendent Registrar and certify under his or her hand, that he or she believeth that there is not any impediment of kindred or alliance, or other lawful hindrance to the said Marriage, and that one of the said Parties hath for the space of Fifteen Days immediately before such License, had his or her usual place of abode within the Registrar's district within which such Marriage is to be solemnized, and where either of the Parties, not being a widower or widow, shall be under the age of Twenty-one years, that such Marriage is intended with the consent of the person or persons whose consent to such Marriage is required by law, or that there is no person having authority to give such consent, as the case may be, and all such Licenses and Certificates shall be liable to the same Stamp Duties as Licenses of Marriages granted by the Ordinary of any Diocese, and Affidavits made in order to procure the same.

Who are to give consent
And be it Enacted, That the like consent shall be required to any Marriage under this Act as was required by law to Marriages solemnized by License immediately before the passing of this Act.

New Notice required after Three Months.
And be it Enacted, That whenever a Marriage shall not be had within Three Months after certificate of notice shall have been so delivered by the Registrar, no person shall proceed to solemnize the same, nor shall any Registrar register the same, until new notice shall have been given, and Certificate thereof in manner aforesaid, and until after the expiration of Seven Days after such new Certificate, if due license in that behalf shall have been obtained, or without license until after the expiration of Twenty-one Days after such new Certificate.

Caveat may be lodged with the Registrar against the issue of a Certificate
And be it Enacted, That any person on payment of One Shilling, may enter a Caveat with the Registrar against the Marriage of any the person named therein; and if any Caveat be entered with the Registrar, such Caveat being duly signed by or on behalf of the person Certificate, who entered the same, with his place of residence, no certificate of notice shall be delivered touching the Marriage of the person named in the Caveat, until after notice of the application shall have been sent through the Post-office to the person by or on behalf of whom the Caveat was entered.

Caveat may be lodged with Superintendent Registrar against grant of License.
And be it Enacted, That any person, on payment of Five Shillings, may enter a Caveat with the Superintendent Registrar against the grant of a License for the Marriage of any person named therein, and if any Caveat be entered with the Superintendent Registrar, such