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A well-appointed casualty ward is provided. A surgeon and a veterinary surgeon are in attendance at every meeting. A motor ambulance follows each race, and a special horse ambulance is always available.

In a word, the course does credit to the Club and indicates a strong desire to study the requirements of, and to make the racing attractive to, the public.

Safety of Jockeys and Horses.
As a result of the very suitable conformation of the racing track, of the care bestowed on its upkeep, and of the strict supervision exercised during racing by the stewards, the risk of injury to jockeys and horses alike has been reduced to a minimum.

The track is safe for jockeys and horses, with the present limit of fields, namely twenty-six runners in ordinary events.

Beyond doubt, the racecourse, the track, and the appointments generally are eminently suitable for racing purposes.

(b) The Sandgate Racecourse (Deagon).

By deed of grant No. 76020, dated the 9th October, 1890, certain lands in the County of Stanley, Parish of Nundah, being the lands described in the said grant as the "the Racecourse Reserve" and comprising a total area of 87 acres 0 roods 22 perches, were granted to trustees upon trust "for the purpose of a racecourse and for no other purpose whatsoever."

By registered mortgage No. 334447, made with the consent of the Governor in Council under the provisions of "The Sandgate Racecourse Act, 1896," and dated 1st August, 1898, the whole of the lands were mortgaged to the Queensland National Bank, Limited, to secure the sum of £2,000.

By registered transfer and charge No. 341698, dated 21st December, 1899, that Bank, as mortgagee exercising power of sale, transferred the lands to Andrew Joseph Thynne in consideration of £200 then paid and of a charge to secure the balance, viz., £2,980, still owing to the Bank.

By transfer of mortgage No. 354217, dated 19th December, 1900, the Bank conveyed its interest as mortgagee under this charge to George Wilkie Gray and Andrew Joseph Thynne for the sum of £2,017 9s. 7d.

By registered nomination of trustees No. 374528, dated 21st May, 1902, Mr. Thynne conveyed his interest to Robert Fraser, the then President of Tattersall's Club, upon trust for the members of that club, subject to the mortgage to Messrs. Gray and Thynne.

By registered transfer No. 546053, dated 21st December, 1911, Messrs. Gray and Thynne, as mortgagees exercising power of sale, conveyed the lands to Benjamin Nathan and John Wren, as tenants in common, for the sum of £2,800.

Pursuant to this conveyance, Messrs. Nathan and Wren are now registered as tenants in common in fee, free from incumbrance, of the lands, and certificates of title Nos. 201065 and 201064, both dated 18th January, 1912, have been issued to them respectively for undivided moieties.

By an agreement dated 17th April, 1923, but executed on 21st March, 1923, made between Benjamin Nathan and John Wren, as vendors, and James Park Macfarlane and George Rees, trustees of The Brisbane Amateur Turf Club, as purchasers, the lands were agreed to be sold, together with