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Popular Literature

The most conspicuous feature of modern civilized life is the use of books. Persons of all classes, high and low, know how to read and love to read and have plenty of books that make them love to read. Reading and writing the mother tongue are not now 'Mysterious' arts of a caste or craft; or the highest accomplishments monopolised by scholars: they are in the presont state of society as indispensible as speech itself. Every day there come out of the press new series of People's Books, written in the common language of the people. All the treasures of the world literatures, the whole knowledge accumulated by men of all countries in all ages are now within the reach of the peasant in his cottage; they are his, if he desires to have them. The news paper is, like bread, a necessary of life; and the post-man has letters for every one.

Such is social life in England, France, Ger- many and America. How different from life in our country-in our beloved Telugu Country! we, Telugus are no doubt an ‘ educated, people, though illiterate, i. e. though nine out of ten of us cannot sign their name. Thank God, we can those about us and the roads and canals and railways communicate our thoughts tio