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Moreover, if the Holy Scriptures are "the only fit outward[1] judge of controversies among Christians; and that whatever doctrine is contrary unto their testimony may therefore justly be rejected as false;" if "all our doctrines and practices" are to "be tried by them, as the judge and test;"—and "that whatever any do, pretending to the Spirit, which is contrary to the Scriptures," is to "be accounted and reckoned a delusion of the Devil,"—(Barclay's Apology)—we submit, that that which is the absolute test of all doctrines and practices, is, and cannot but be, the paramount rule.

To the constant and rigorous application of this rule and test, is the reader most earnestly recommended, not only as relates to the doctrines brought into view by the following extracts from the Ser-

  1. The meaning of the word "outward," as it stands in this place, is not very apparent: it is obvious that, for the decision of controversy, there can be none but an outward test.