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mons but also as regards the sentiments contained in the remarks upon them. We know that ignorance is the parent of presumption, and that it is maintained by an unwillingness to search for truth; whilst right investigation leads to the establishment of truth, and renders it dearer to those who love it. The truths of the Gospel invite the most careful investigation—the most diligent search; but bigotry and mysticism have ever been ready to suppress inquiry, because, by investigation, their dominion is overthrown.

In reviewing such subtle delusions, we cannot enough adore the wisdom and goodness of God, in addressing to our understanding a written revelation of his will, which we are bound to receive as the gracious message of God to us, to teach us the mind of the Spirit, as our sole appeal and ultimate rule of faith and duty, and as a guide to the Christian Church to the end of time.

Nor can we ever be sufficiently thankful to God, that by his Holy Spirit he applies these sacred