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INDIAN DYNASTIES, loo TO "joo A.D. 93 Scythian dynasties, and the southern or Indian school of Asoka. The Valabhf dynasty seems to have been overthrown by the early Arab invaders of Sind in the eighth century a.d. Materials for Reference. The leading sources for this obscure and confused period are the Reports of the Archaeological Survey of Western India ; the coins and inscriptions of the Gupta, Sah, and other dynasties ; Rockhill's Life of the Buddha ; the Gazetteers or District Statistical Surveys of Northern and Western India and of the Central Provinces ; articles contributed to the Indian Antiquary ; Colonel Tod's not always trustworthy Annals and Antiquities ofRdjdsthdn ; the magnificent volumes of the Corpus Inscriptioniim Indicarum ; and various papers in the Royal Asiatic Society 's Journal by Dr. James Fergusson and other polemical scholars.