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This page needs to be proofread.


OUR (sec also OOR and OAR) bower glower shower embower

cower hour sour endower

dour lour tower empower

dower our avower cauliflower

flour power deflower overpower

flower scour devour

OURN (see also ORN and EARN)

��bourn mourn

� �OURSB (see ORCE)

� �Ous (see Us)

� �OUSB (sharp)

� �chouse bouse nous dowse louse souse

�counting-house custom-house

�grouse mouse charnel-house

� �OUSE (flat). OWZE

� �blouse house (vb.) touse


�blowze ploughs trows


�boughs prows vows


�bows rouse allows


�brows rows avows


�browse sloughs bow-wows


�cows sows carouse


�fraus spouse endows

� �Our

� �bout out stout


�clout pout tout


�doubt rout trout


�flout scout about


�glout shout devout


�gout snout misdoubt

� �grout spout redoubt

� �lout sprout throughout

� �OUTH (short) (see also OOTH)

� �drouth mouth


�OUTH (flat)

� �mouth (verb) (no rhyme)

� �f>VE (as in prove) (see OOVE)

� �OVE (short)

� �dove love


�glove shove


�� �