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The figures prefixed to the authorities in the following list correspond to the small references throughout the Compendium. The numbers in parentheses indicated the volume, series, or year. Where the number or volume of serial publications was not indicated, reference was implied to the number or volume shortly following the date on which the subject of the notice died.

The 478 authorities may be thus classified: — 100 have been in almost constant requisition; 90 were referred to occasionally; 170 were fully used in single lives; whilst 118 were but slightly referred to in one or two notices, or were simply referred to in their introductions.

The arrangement of this list, put together as the work proceeded, is in many respects imperfect; but once made it was not possible to alter.

 1 Abernethy, John, M.A., Sermons, with Life of the Author. 2 vols. London, 1748.
 2 Acta Sanctorum Veteris et Majoris Hiberniæ: Joannes Colganus. Louvanii, 1645.
 3 Actors, Representative: W. Clark Russell. London, 1875.
 3* Aengus Culdee, St.: Rev. John O'Hanlon. Dublin, 1868.
Allibone, S. Austin, see No. 16.
 4 American Conflict — History of the Great Rebellion: Horace Greeley. 2 vols. Hartford, 1864–'6.
 5 Anglo-Normans, History of the Invasion of Ireland by the: Gerald H. Supple. Dublin, 1856.
 5‡ Annals of Our Time: Joseph Irving. London, 1871.
 6 Annual Biography. London, 1817–'27.
 7 Annual Register. London, 1756–1877.
 8 Anthologia Hibernica. 4 vols. Dublin, 1793–'4.
 8† Antiquities of Ireland: Francis Grose. 2 vols. London, 1791.
 9 Aran Isles — Papers by Sir William Wilde, (1857); and by G. H. Kinahan, in Science Gossip, 1876. (Pamphlets.)
10 Archaeological and Historical Association of Ireland, Journal. Dublin, 1853–'77.
11 Archæology, Ulster Journal of. Belfast, 1853–62.
11† Armagh, Memoir of the Book of: Rev. William Reeves, D.D. Lusk, 1861. See also No. 45.
12 Archbishops of Dublin, Memoirs of: John D'Alton. Dublin, 1838.
Archdall, Mervyn, see No. 216.
13 Architecture, Ancient, and Practical Geology of Ireland: George Wilkinson. London, 1845.
14 Art Journal, The
14* Athenæ Oxonienses: Anthony A. Wood, edited by Philip Bliss. 4 vols. London, 1813–'20.
15 Athenæum, The — Principally referred to under No. 233.
16 Authors, Dictionary of British and American: S. Austin Allibone. 3 vols. Philadelphia, 1869–'71.
17 Averell, Rev. Adam, Memoir; Alex. Stewart and George Revington. London, 1849.
17‡ Ballingarry, Personal Recollections of: Rev. P. FitzGerald, P.P. Dublin, 1861. (Pamphlet.)
18 Balfe, Michael William, Memoir: C. L. Kenney. London, 1875.
18* Bancroft, George, History of the United States. 10 vols. Boston, 1862–'74.
19 Banim, John, Life. Patrick John Murray. London, 1857.
20 Bards, Historical Memoirs of the Irish: Joseph C. Walksr. Dublin, 1786.
21 Barrington, Sir Jonah. Historic Memoirs of Ireland. 2 vols. London, 1835.
22 Barrington, Sir Jonah, Personal Sketches of his own Time: Townsend Young, LL.D. 2 vols. London, 1869.
23 Barrington, Sir Jonah, Rise and Fall of the Irish Nation. Paris, 1833.
24 Barry, James, R.A., his Life and Writings. 2 vols. London, 1809.
25 Barter, Dr., Recollections of the late. Dublin, 1875. (Pamphlet.)
26 Bedell, William, Bishop of Kilmore, Life: Bishop Burnet. Dublin, 1736.
27 Bedell, Life and Death of Bishop: Thomas W. Jones. (Camden Society) London, 1872.
28 Belfast Monthly Magazine. 1808–'14.
29 Bellamy, George Anne, Autobiography. 3 vols. Dublin, 1785.
30 Beresford, Correspondence of Right Hon. John: Right Hon. William Beresford. 2 vols. London, 1854.
31 Berkeley, George, Bishop of Cloyne, Life and Works: Alexander C. Fraser. 4 vols. Oxford, 1871.
31† Bibliotheca Britannica: Robert Watt, M.D. 4 vols. Edinburgh, 1824.
32 Biographical and Critical Essays: A. Haywood, Q.C. London, 1873.
33 Biographical Essays: John Forster. London, 1860.
34 Biographie Générale. 46 vols. Paris, 1855–'66.
An interleaved copy, copiously noted by the late Dr. Thomas Fisher, Assistant Librarian of Trinity College, Dublin.