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A Desk-Book of

alisms that are popular because of their irrationality, or because they require no discrimination in statement.

takes the cake. See cake.

take up school: An objectionable local Americanism for begin school: used also intransitively; as, "School took up at 9 o'clock": avoid this.

talent should not be used for "talents" or "ability."

talented: Inasmuch as adjectives of the participial form are justified by strict grammarians only if derived from an existing verb, this word has been caviled at by Coleridge (who denounced it as "that vile and barbarous vocable") and many literary pedants. Burke, Hazlitt, Lamb, De Quincey, Macaulay and Newman have however, spoken of "a talented man"; and in the face of this array of learning and authority we can raise but a modest protest in favor of the contention of the grammarians. Such formations are, however, not to be indiscriminately recommended.

talk, back. Compare back talk.

tasty in the sense of tasteful is without authority and is considered an illiterate use. A person or his work may be tasteful, but his food, however savory, can be no more than tasty.

team: Strictly a team consists of two or more beasts of burden harnessed together, but in the United States the word is extended to cover "team and accessories," the latter being the harness or equip -